Dear future freshman,

Wow, a freshman. This years going to be a long ride. You’ll have many experiences on this crazy journey throughout the year. Everything you do this whole year will be noticed and counted. It will be very difficult. You are considered as adults and will be treated as one. Teachers will expect you to take care of yourself, do your own work, take your own tests, all on your own time. Almost every assignment that you receive will be due that day. Every assignment that you procrastinate or “skip” will affect you deeply. Your grades are very important from here now on. Try your hardest to maintain good grades and a good GPA because many colleges will then want you. Try your hardest. Getting honor roll is not the most hardest thing to do. If you think the beginning of the year is difficult, then prepare yourself. Grades and assignments are not the only thing that will get hard for you. Stick to yourself, not everyone holds trust. Your friends are not really your friends, as you probably already know. Don’t count on people helping you and supporting you. At the end of the day, remember it’s always just you. I recommend focusing on just your future. Relationships? Try not to get too involved. People at school will talk. If you already have your best friend and lover all in one, stick by their side. Do not let any relationship distract you from your education and future. Do not get involved in drama because it will not ever go away. Do not fight anyone IN school. Handle it outside. If you do get into it at school, it will very badly affect you in every way. Despite all of these negative recommendations, you will have fun in high school. You get more freedom. There are people that will make you laugh and smile. Enjoy yourself. Join clubs and sports. Never give up. That’s the worst thing you could do to yourself. Other than that, I wish you luck!