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Future 9th graders!

Dear future freshman, Wow, a freshman. This years going to be a long ride. You’ll have many experiences on this crazy journey throughout the year. Everything you do this whole year will be noticed and counted. It will be very difficult. You are considered as adults and will be treated as one. Teachers will expect you to take care of yourself, do your own work, take your own tests, all on your own.. Read More

Catalog Poem

High school consists of constant confusion. High school reminds you of how raging and rapid the real world is. High school demands daily daydreams. High school plays pathetic paybacks. High school mentions misgraded materials. High school explains an edgy, emotional experience. But it’s all worth it. Stay in school kids!

Brick Poetry.

Sitting there with time to spare. No place to go while nobody knows, how solitary and unwary   the feeling can be. Like a blank paper, I might be a sky scraper. Built up but yet empty, feeling hollow and blank. Although, I’d like to thank for being put together.   Admitting whether the weather is thin or thick, I cannot stand being a brick.

VISITED BLOGS  – Has very interesting facts to read and understand. – Puts up motivating and inspirational facts! – His interests in sports is the same as mine! – He posts about his pet dogs that are very cute and funny. – Has many deep and meaningful posts! I’ve visited these blogs for almost the same reasons! You should too!


ADVANTAGES:  You can express yourself and show yourself to the world. You can learn diversity. You can keep intouch with important people. You can save memories. DISADVANTAGES:  Once it’s online, it forever there. Anybody could copy what you post. Anybody could hack you. Anybody could read what you send/recieve. Personal information could be leaked. Stay safe and smart about what you put online! 

Cardiovascular Surgeon?

A cardiovascular Surgeon (Car-dee-oh-Vas-que-lar) . You may think it is utterly difficult to pronounce and to read. You also probably think that it is a boring job that you would have no interest in. A cardiovascular surgeon is a surgeon that specializes in heart injuries or problems.   In order to be a cardiovascular surgeon, it requires a lot of schooling and education. Cardiac surgeons must complete four years of college, four years.. Read More

My Family!

  I cannot imagine my life without my family by my side.  My family is very important and valuable to me.  Most of a person’s identity comes from their family, I know mine did.  My family are my bestest friends, I turn towards them for and about anything, we’re all devoted to each other. My household family includes 3 sisters, mom, and dad. My oldest sister is currently 20 years old and is.. Read More

Global Warning: Abuse

Abuse is to treat a person or animal with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. There are various types of abuse in which are all essential such as domestic abuse. Around the world, at least one in every three people has been abused, and there is ab0ut 1,920 animals per year that gets abused. Abuse can cause long-term effects. This includes severe depression and anxiety. Additionally, children that experiences abuse, is 80% most.. Read More


How to comment:  Go to a friends page and click the ‘HOME’ button. This way, it takes you to their blog. Read all of the posts, then find the one you would like to comment apon. Scroll to the bottem of that post. You will then see a section where you can comment. Fill out the questions that are mandatory, such as… your name, email, and the anti spam words. Lastly, click ‘POST’.. Read More

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